Posted by ArcaneMarketing on August 9th, 2019

Are Murphy Beds Safe?

Have you thought about installing Murphy Beds, but worried that it might be risky — especially with children around? Well, you can stop worrying. At least about the hazards of Murphy Beds. There are still plenty of things for us all to worry about. Wilding Wallbeds has put together a blog post with a lot of information about the safety of Murphy Beds.

What Wilding Wallbeds Says

Wilding wallbeds and Murphy Beds are extremely safe when they are installed properly. In fact, the article references a report from a contributing writer for The New York Times that says you have a better chance of being killed from tripping over an ottoman than by an accident with a Murphy Bed.

But, it is still important to be smart and follow safety precautions with you are setting up and using Murphy Beds. This is why each model is delivered with an installation instruction booklet or video that takes you through each step with procedures to safely install the bed. And just to be even more on the safe side, each booklet and video has the following warning on the first page. Here is that warning:


So yeah. If you do things the right way, you should have nothing to fear. But, as the Wilding Wallbeds post says, in today’s complex world it’s actually pretty difficult to name anything we do on a given day that is totally free from harm or risk.

It’s Like Flying

The example given is related to flying. It is something that a lot of people are afraid of doing, but is actually very safe. Some things that are more likely to happen to you than dying in a plane crash:

  • Getting Poisoned

  • Getting Murdered

  • Dying in a tornado

  • Dying from a bee sting

  • Drowning in your bathtub

When you look at it that way, Murphy Beds seem to be pretty darn safe. Another great point brought up in the post is a list of several safety recommendations to protect children in your home. Here’s a few of the suggestions:

  • Use anchors to keep furniture and appliances from tipping over. When possible, heaviest items in the home should be anchored to a wall or attached to the floor.

  • Safety latches and locks on cabinets and drawers will go a long way toward preventing opportunities for kids to get into chemicals and other items that could prove to be harmful.

  • Safety gates are a necessity to block the stairs for kids that aren’t big enough to make it up or down on their own.

  • Put anti-scald devices on your faucets and shower heads. This will prevent hot water burns.

  • If you have a deck, balcony or elevated windows, window guards and safety netting could be an option for you.

  • Outlet covers will keep them from putting something in and risking electrocution.

  • Choose cordless window coverings to eliminate the potential of someone getting caught in the cords.

The best Murphy Bed companies, like Wilding Wallbeds, have additional safety features added to their Murphy Beds. Here’s a couple that I really like.

Safety Locks For Murphy Beds

Wilding Wallbeds has introduced a Safety Lock system for all of the Studio Series Murphy Beds in addition to their HomeFront and Galler Series Murphy Beds. It is a key-lock system that is positioned on each side of the bed and out of the reach of small children. This provides even more safety and security because it prevents the bed from opening — unless you mean for it to open. It is another reason you can trust Wilding Wallbeds.

Antimicrobial Protection for Murphy Beds

Here’s another way Murphy Beds can be safer. Wilding Wallbeds has started using Antimicrobial Protection option with Sherwin-Williams finishes with Microban Protection. This was initially designed for use in clinics and hospitals. This is antimicrobial technology that is infused in the finish during the manufacturing process of Murphy Beds. It is then a permanent part of your product. This technology protects against mold and mildew with any change to the durability or aesthetics of your order.

It is more than just an ordinary surface disinfectant that temporarily eliminates microbes. Antimicrobial protection works 24/7 to inhibit the growth of those pesky microbes. Your products, and therefore your home will be cleaner with more odor control because your problems will be prevented before they even start. The best part? It won’t wash off or wear away. You’ll never need to have it reapplied and it will provide protection for the life of the product.

Microban is commonly used in the sportswear industry to permanently get rid of odor, mold and mildew. It is also popular with the producers of things like medical equipment, doors, exercise equipment, lockers and infectious control departments in hospitals and clinics. After more than two decades of manufacturing handmade wallbeds, Murphy Beds and custom furniture, Wilding Wallbeds is still finding new ways to improve the customer experience. This includes the safety of their products. Antimicrobial protection will give you greater confidence and peace of mind with your Murphy Bed!