Posted by administrator on February 8th, 2018

Wickenburg, Arizona Retirement is Better with Wilding Wallbeds

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Some people want to retire to a large city, but others prefer to enjoy their later years in a small town. If you’ve ever dreamed of retiring to a traditional western town, however, Wickenburg, Arizona may be the perfect retirement location for you. This 150 year old mining community prides itself on preserving its western town traditions and ambiance. Wickenburg is located about an hour drive northwest of Phoenix at the northern edge of the Sonoran Desert. The town has been described as the “Dude Ranch Capital of the World” and boasts lots of warm, sunny weather and wide open spaces.

Like the rest of the Arizona desert, Wickenburg enjoys mild winter weather with average highs in the mid-60s. In fact, the beautiful winter weather has drawn both snowbirds and retired permanent residents to the area for decades. If you choose to make your permanent home in the area, you should be prepared for hot, dry summers with average highs in the high 90s and low 100s.

It’s not just the weather that makes Arizona a favorite retirement location, though. The state also has a reputation for being tax-friendly for retirees and having relatively inexpensive housing prices. Wickenburg is no exception to this, with reporting the town’s median closing price over the past three years at $225,000. Generally speaking, however, smaller homes preferred by many retirees tend to be cheaper than the average.

Make the Space You Need with Wilding Wallbeds

As a retiree, you will most likely want a home that is small enough for easy maintenance, but you also want t to be able to provide a place for your family and friends to stay when they visit you. Unfortunately, these two desires often conflict with each other. In order to accomplish both, you can buy custom furniture that is designed to help you create functional space that can double as sleeping arrangements when you have visitors. Maintaining a designated guest room is often a waste of space for retirees. That’s because beds that are not used regularly take up a lot of room that could be put to better use. Wilding Wallbeds has chosen to help you fix this problem. We offer a line of heirloom quality custom furniture that helps you make the most of the room you have. Our hidden storage beds, murphy beds, and dual function furniture can help you save space beautifully.

Hidden Storage Beds

Our custom storage beds aren’t designed to open up floor space, but they are designed to help you store a wide range of items. These beds provide you with an easily accessed storage space that is both out of sight and out of the way. A simple latch located at the foot of the bed is released to lift the entire mattress support so that you can access the open storage space beneath. These storage spaces are big enough to store anything from food storage to holiday decorations or sporting equipment. The best feature of these custom storage beds, however, is that you can access the storage space without disturbing the bedding. When the latch is disengaged, the bed gently lifts up on hidden hinges that are placed at the head of the bed. When you’re done, simply lower the bed back into place and get on with your day. We offer a full range of custom storage beds including:

  • Twin Size Storage Beds
  • Full Size Storage Beds
  • Queen Size Storage Beds
  • Bookcase Wall Beds

To help fully utilize your bedroom space, however, you should complete your new bedroom set with our other hidden storage bedroom furniture items. Our Door & Drawer Nightstands and Three Drawer Nightstands with hidden storage are the perfect accent to our hidden storage beds and offer you lots of room for the storage of bedside items. However, there are times that you may want to be able to keep some items away from prying eyes. The easily accessed hidden drawer located along the footboard area of our hidden storage nightstands provides you with a convenient way to store documents, books, or other items. More impressively, however, these nightstands provide you with a secure hidden storage area where you can keep things that you want to keep away from children or others. A magnetic latch release is placed in a specific location, and the entire top of the nightstand slides away to reveal a secret, secure space for anything from your daily medications to a handgun.

You can gain even more storage space for pillows, blankets, and other items by purchasing one of our Storage Headboards to accompany your hidden storage bed. Each storage headboard has three lifting panels on top that allow you to easily access anything you have stored inside. You can also use the built in power supply to hide the cords of alarm clocks, lamps, or other electronic items you want to keep on top of your headboard.

Murphy Beds/Wall Beds

Cape Cod style Wall Bed

The founders of Wilding Wallbeds wanted to create beautiful, functional furniture that help you to save space. Our signature murphy beds are the prime example of our success in doing so. Murphy beds — sometimes called fold down beds, pull out beds, or wall beds — are one of the simplest ways to create functional space out of guest sleeping areas. We have designed and crafted over 15 styles of murphy beds so that you can find exactly what you need. Our murphy bed designs go beyond the usual, however, and include:

  • King Size Wall Beds
  • Murphy Bunk Beds
  • Bookcase Wall Beds
  • Power Wall Beds

Dual Function Furniture

We really do want to help you create functional living space that is easily converted into sleeping space for visiting guests. That’s why we offer a variety of dual function furniture. Our manufacturing team crafts cunningly designed custom furniture that allow you to maintain an office or craft room that can double as comfortable sleeping space for visitors. Some of the dual function furniture we offer includes:

  • Sofa Murphy Beds
  • Studio Desk Beds
  • Disappearing Desk Beds
  • Home Office Cabinet Beds

Wilding Wallbeds Ships to Wickenburg, Arizona

If you’re ready to buy custom furniture from Wilding Wallbeds, that’s great! We offer a full range of shipping options throughout Arizona including the Wickenburg area. If you’re not quite convinced yet, you should take a few hours out of your next trip to Mesquite or Las Vegas and hop over to our main showroom in St. George, Utah to see our furniture solutions for yourself. Our team is ready and willing to help you find the perfect furniture solutions for you home.