Posted by Wilding on June 26th, 2017

Looking back at Sleep 2017

The 2017 SLEEP Conference in Boston wrapped up last week, ending another phenomenal week of Sleep presentations, discussions, posters, and of course all the latest and greatest in technologies, supplies and business solutions found in the Vendor booths.

Day and Night ClinicalProSeries beds in use.

Wilding Wallbeds once again displayed the Clinical Pro Series line of furnishings that allow hospitals, IDTF’s and Practitioner’s transform their daytime space into fully functional Sleep Clinics by night. The booth was crowded with physicians, researchers, psychologists, nurses and sleep technologists.

Feedback from sleep 2017

The feedback that the Wilding Wallbed team received was once again extremely positive toward its product line. Attendees expressed that it made sense to use their daytime space that they were already paying for to do their night time testing. Dedicating nighttime testing space that is not used during the day just seems wasteful. More so at a time that there are still so many unknowns with all of the anticipated changes with insurance payors and health care models.


Despite some feelings from some attendees that many labs were shrinking, it was refreshing to see many orders for the Clinical Pro Series for sleep labs that saw the Clinical Pro Series solution and were expanding their Sleep services.

Attendees that witnessed new vendor technologies, attended panel discussions on new business models, discoveries in research and advances in the sleep sciences realized that sleep medicine is advancing on multiple fronts.

Message from Wilding Wallbeds Director of Business Development

When Jeremy Andra was asked what he most liked about the sleep meetings, he did not hesitate in saying it was the people. Mr. Andra stated that the sleep field is like a family and the meetings are more than just a great learning forum, they are much like a large family reunion.

Left to Right: Shalanda Mitchel, Jeremy Andra, Matietta Bibbs

He expressed his gratitude towards Marietta Bibbs for all the incredible contributions she has made to the field of sleep medicine. This would be the last AAST meeting she would attend as an AAST Board member.

Left to Right: Shalanda Mitchel, Jeremy Andra, Matietta Bibbs

Left to Right: Kevin Asp, Rita Brooks, Laura LinleyHe was able to catch up with Kevin Asp who took a Sleep Clinic in Alaska and learned not only how to market it, but create Inbound Med marketing to become a premier marketer in sleep medicine.

Left to Right: Kevin Asp, Rita Brooks, Laura Linley

John MathiasHe spoke of industry leaders like John Mathias that continue to grow the Sleep Diagnostic Industry by leaps and bounds by bringing partners together to form one of the largest sleep groups through MedBridge Healthcare, LLC.

John Mathias

There were discussions about the many friends and acquaintances from the Large Diagnostic and Therapy Companies as Physicians that were both well-known and relatively unknown. Although he was a little saddened about many of the well-known industry leaders that were retiring, he was highly encouraged that he was seeing more and more techs, physicians and researchers that he no longer knew. Mr. Andra stated that although it always feels good to see familiar faces, new faces represent growth the future of sleep medicine.

About Jeremy Andra, RPSGT, RST

Jeremy AndraJeremy Andra, Director of Business Development for Wilding Wallbeds is well known for bringing sleep clinics from initial start up to full operation. He also has worked with published teams for bringing medications to the market, testing and approvals for major therapy companies, product manager for one of the major diagnostic companies as well as bringing his own product to market that won a Medical Innovation award and was listed as one of the Top Most wanted Products.