Posted by Eric on May 5th, 2017

Unique Furniture For Small Spaces

When decorating a small space it can be difficult choosing what type of furniture to put in your space without making it feel smaller. Whether you are decorating just a bedroom, living room or entire home working with small spaces requires thinking outside of the box. Small spaces can get cluttered fairly easy, so finding unique multi functional furniture is one of the best ways to save space. There is no reason to give up style for function, nowadays many different manufacturers create stylish furniture that has a dual purpose. Why buy furniture separately, when you can buy a bookcase that doubles as a bed, a coffee table that doubles as a storage container or even an end table with secret compartments for your important items. Decorating your small space with furniture that serves a purpose as well as showcases your unique style is one of the best things about dual functioning furniture.

Unique Furniture For Your Living Area

Usually when you walk into a home, the living room or living area is one of the first things that you see. When working with a smaller size living room it is important to have furniture that serves more than one purpose. Some great multi functional pieces of furniture that utilize your space are:
  • Coffee Tables with Storage
  • Storage Ottomans
  • End Tables with storage
  • Entertainment Centers with storage
  • Shelving
Coffee Tables, End Tables, and Ottomans with storage are a great way to store things that you want in the living room. If having these items out on display makes the room fill cluttered, hiding them out of plain sight will open up the room. Things like extra blankets for the winter, remotes, extra pillows,etc. End tables and entertainment centers are another great way to store smaller items that aren’t being used without losing style. Letting go of bulky CD, DVD, and video game cases by going digital is another way to free up space in your home, without losing the things you love.

For those items you do want on display consider utilizing the wall as extra storage space. Instead of displaying art on your wall, artfully display your items using shelving that goes up the wall. If you still want to display art on your wall, dare to go above eye level. There are so many great ways to save space in your living room, without compromising your unique style. Practicing the “Less is More” philosophy will make decorating your small space that much easier if you don’t have a lot of “stuff” lying around.However, we still need places to put our things that fall under the categories “just in case” or “just for when”. That is why hidden storage furniture is a great option for storing things out of sight.

Hidden Furniture For The Bedroom

Sometimes we move into a home where the bedroom is smaller than what we are used to having. If the closest won’t hold all your shoes or coats, you don’t have to get rid of them! There is an easy solution. Instead of this being a problem, we can use this as an opportunity to invest in hidden furniture or furniture that doubles as a storage unit. One great way to get the most out of your bedroom is to have a multifunctional bed. The Murphy Bed, sometimes referred to as a wall bed or pull down bed is an inspired option to create more space in your bedroom.When we think of Murphy Bed’s we usually think of the good old closet bed that grandma had in her guest room. Not only are murphy beds much more aesthetically pleasing than the beds of yesteryear, but Murphy beds are made so that they do not have to be anchored down into a wall or a closet (this is great if you are renting). Also many murphy beds now can be made to have more than one function. You could get a murphy bed that is a bookcase, desk, and bed all in one. Some different types of Murphy Beds include: If you work from home and do not have a separate room that you can make into your home office, a Murphy Bed is the next best thing. Many Murphy beds offer a disappearing desk option or drop down desk table that is great for crafting with kids, paying bills or doing work.

Bookcase wallbeds are another great option for the avid reader. You can skillfully display your collection of books without needing a traditional and separate bookcase. Many bookcase wallbeds also offer a dimming reading light, that allows you to read without disturbing your partner.

For kids rooms, bunk wallbeds are a unique space saving option. Bunk wall beds are able to be put out of sight and out of the way during playtime. This works wonderfully, if you do not have enough space for a separate play area.

Powered wallbeds are an innovative way to store your bed with just the touch of a button. Most powered murphy beds use a track system that doesn’t need to be mounted to a wall.

Hidden Storage Furniture For The Bedroom

Unique Furniture For Small Spaces - Storage BedIf the idea of hiding your bed during the day does not appeal to your aesthetic for your bedroom but you still need extra space, a hidden storage bed is the perfect option for you. Hidden storage beds, have their storage compartment neatly built into and under the bed. This is a great place to store seasonal clothes, if you are limited on closet space. You can also put coats, sporting gear, golf clubs, guns, etc. to keep them safe and out of the way. Buying a bed that already has a storage compartment built into it, is much easier than raising your bed and buying separate storage containers that will hopefully fit under it. Hidden storage beds are designed so that only you will know that you are sleeping on more than just a mattress.

Night stands that offer storage are great for smaller items that you use everyday, but don’t want displayed. If you have important items that are easily accessible but should not be out during the day, consider getting a night stand with a secret or hidden storage compartment.

Multi functional furniture is truly the best of both worlds. It creates more space for things that matter, while still allowing you to keep things that are important to you out of sight. Being mindful of the pieces we bring into our home can help to create an effortless style and leave the space feeling open and not bogged down by too many items.