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How does my Wallbed arrive?

Wilding Wallbeds is confident in their ability to ship their product anywhere. The purpose of this article is to help you understand what to expect when your Wallbed arrives fresh from Wilding Wallbed's production facility. Because a Wallbed is large, Wilding Wallbeds ship units in individual, manageable pieces, which allows you to move these smaller components into the intended room without having to demolish a wall or two in the process. Wilding Wallbeds also provides step-by-step video instructions showing the process of assembling the various Wallbeds that they offer, making the installation simple and straightforward. Due to the fact that Wilding Wallbeds services so many areas, they offer different options or services for you to choose from, depending on your individual needs.

White Glove Delivery Service

For those customers who do not live within one of Wilding Wallbed's delivery and setup areas and need a little extra help, Wilding Wallbeds offers a White Glove Delivery Service for an additional fee. White Glove service consists of a delivery team of two members. If you choose this option, then your Wallbed will be shipped from Wilding's Production Facility to a 3rd party shipping company that services your area. This company will call you when they receive the Wallbed unit, then schedule a time for delivery to your home. It is important to note that the White Glove Delivery Service can add 2-4 weeks to the shipping time. This delivery team arrives at your home in a large delivery truck. They will unload the Wallbed, unbox it, then bring it into the room one piece at a time. Since this is a 3rd party delivery company, they will not do any of the setup or installation, they simply bring the unit into the intended room. Once the Wallbed components are delivered into your room, they will pack up all of the shipping debris and be on their way.

A few things to remember. Wilding Wallbeds has no control over the White Glove Delivery Schedule, so they are unable to guarantee a delivery date or schedule the delivery for you. That is all done through the White Glove Delivery Company. It is also important to know that there are additional charges if the room you choose for the Wallbed is up more than 2 flights of stairs.

Liftgate Delivery

Semi Truck



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Wilding Wallbed on Pallet


Liftgate Delivery is free during our Free Shipping Sale for most products being shipped within the contiguous U.S. and is the most popular delivery option that is offered by Wilding Wallbeds. When your Wallbed completes production, Wilding Wallbeds will contact you by email. You will be notified when your Wallbed will be shipped with tracking information for your shipment. Once your unit arrives at the local shipping depot nearest to your home, the shipping company will call you to schedule a time for delivery. The unit will arrive on a large shipping pallet, in most cases in the back of an 18-wheeler delivery truck*. The delivery company will lower the pallet to the ground on the liftgate, then using a pallet jack, they will wheel the pallet into a dry location, like a garage, or carport. If there isn’t an accessible dry location, then they will simply leave the pallet on the driveway or at the curb.

Tin Snips

Tin Snips

The Wallbed and shipping pallet are now in your hands. The first step in getting the unit into the house is cutting the shrink wrap around the boxes, and cutting the metal bands securing the product to the pallet with tin snips. After this, the boxes are free to be removed from the pallet. Carefully open the boxes and move the pieces into your home one piece at a time. In some cases, smaller pieces of the Murphy Bed may have been packaged inside a larger piece and it will be easier to remove the smaller piece before you begin moving larger pieces. Carrying some of the pieces in will be a two-person job. We recommend that you remove the product from the boxes they were shipped in and carry them into the room free of boxing material which may have been soiled in the transportation process. This will make the process of receiving your murphy bed easier and help to keep your home clean.

Once you have all of the pieces in your home, it is good to go through the boxes, to locate the installation instructions and all of the pieces. Please do this prior to discarding any of the shipping debris This way you can ensure that you have not accidentally thrown out any important pieces or instructions. The last step is to follow the Setup Instructions and videos provided.

*If the delivery location doesn’t have room for an 18-wheeler, let Wilding Wallbeds know. They can arrange for a box truck to come out instead. This may add to the cost of shipping.

Smaller Items

Next Bed Boxes

This section applies to Murphy Frames and Spring Lift Mechanism Only orders. These items ship using UPS, FedEx or a similar provider. When the order ships Wilding Wallbeds will email you the tracking information. A Murphy Frame or a Spring Lift Mechanism Only will be delivered like any other UPS or FedEx delivery. The driver will bring the boxes to the door, ring the doorbell and leave. You are not required to sign for the boxes, so you don’t need to be home for the delivery. The driver is not responsible to unbox the shipment or to bring the boxes into your home. The product will come in manageable-sized boxes allowing you to bring the unit into the intended room to be unboxed and assembled.


Wilding Wallbeds wants you to be informed and ready to receive your Wilding Wallbed. No matter where you live we hope the process of shipping and receiving your personally hand-crafted wallbed will be smooth and professional. If you have any questions regarding shipping, delivery, unboxing or setup, feel free to give Wilding Wallbeds a Toll-Free call at 866-877-7803.

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