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Can I order a mattress for my existing murphy bed?

A common question Wilding Wallbed’s sales team gets asked is “Can I just order a mattress for my existing murphy bed?” This may seem like a pretty simple question, but the answer can be complicated. If you are in Wilding Wallbed’s set-up area, then you can simply purchase any of the Serta mattresses located on the website. If you are out of the set-up area, then the mattress will need to be shipped to you.

Wilding Wallbeds ships out mattresses daily with murphy beds. The wooden surround of the murphy bed protects the mattresses so there are no issues. Shipping a mattress without a murphy bed to protect it almost always leads to a damaged mattresses. The delivery companies are aware of this issue and charge a fortune to ship a mattress alone. The solution to this problem is Boyd Mattresses.

Boyd Mattress Box

What is a Boyd Mattress?

Boyd mattresses are foam mattresses that are vacuum-packed, then rolled and shipped. These mattresses are shipped via UPS so there is no threat of damages to the mattresses.

Which types of Boyd Mattresses are offered?

Boyd Specialty Sleep 5063

Responda Flex (Firm), Memory Foam 6" Height

Twin $479
Full $599
Queen $649
King N/A

Boyd Responda Flex 5083 (Plush)

This mattress has 2" of Air Flow Gel Memory foam over a 6" Reflexa foam base for a total of 8" thick. It is classified as a plush mattress and is a popular choice for adjustable beds. This mattress uses the same removable and washable Micro-Quilt fabric mattress cover to ensure you are comfortable all night. It carries a 10 limited warranty. The current price including shipping within the continental United States is listed below.

Twin $559
Twin XL $599
Full $659
Queen $769
King $999

Boyd Responda Flex 5105

This mattress has a 2" layer of Air Flow Gel Memory foam over a 2" layer of Comfort foam all over a 6" Reflexa Foam Base. The total thickness is 10". This is by far the most popular choice. This mattress is classified as a firm offering great support and amazing comfort. The mattress comes with their 10 year limited warranty. The current price including shipping within the continental United States is listed below.

Twin $629
Twin XL $649
Full $799
Queen $929
King $1249

What do some of these terms mean?

Solid Memory Foam: Pressure sensitive memory foam molds to your individual shape to provide increase circulation and gentle support.

Reflexa Foam Base: High Density foam provides long lasting durability and support.

Cooling Gel LUX Engineered Memory Foam: New state-of-the-art process combines liquid gel with the high density foam for enhanced pressure relieving comfort and great cooling.

How to setup your new Boyd Mattress

  1. Remove the mattress from the box.
  2. Carefully cut the plastic wrap around the rolled mattress.
  3. Lay the mattress out flat.
  4. Carefully cut the air tight plastic bag around the mattress.
  5. Remove the mattress from the plastic Bag.
  6. Watch as your mattress inflates before your eyes.
Step 1 Step 3 Step 6

Within 30 minutes your mattress will be inflated to size, but it takes up to 24 hours for all of the foams inside the mattress to completely expand. Once your mattress is fully inflated, simply put it on your existing Wallbed and you are good to go.

What else do I need to know?

An important step in ordering a mattress is finding out the mattress restrictions of your particular unit. Every wall bed company does things a little differently so the maximum mattress depth can vary greatly. At Wilding Wallbeds all of their beds are able to take a mattress up to 12" thick. This may not be the case for yours. That means that you need to measure how thick the existing mattress is, or the distance from the bed deck, to the headboard when your bed is closed (this measurement can be tricky but Wilding Wallbeds can give you some pointers).

Another important step is to make sure that your existing bed takes a standard mattress size.

Size Width Length
King 76" 80"
Queen 60" 80"
Full 54" 75"
Twin 39" 75"

All mattresses offered by Wilding Wallbeds are to these dimensions. Your mattress may be slightly different but it is wise to call to make sure that this will still fit.

Murphy Frame

Another use for Boyd

Boyd mattresses were discovered as a way to solve the problem of getting mattresses out to customers with existing Murphy Beds but inadvertently, Boyd mattresses solved another problem. When customers order a Murphy Frame they are unable to order a mattress along with it if they aren’t within the setup area. The same issues arise of a mattress being damaged because there is no protection. Now these Boyd mattresses are being offered along with Murphy Frames that are shipped out. This means that when you buy a Murphy Frame you now have the option of getting a mattress guaranteed to work with your frame. This is the same for customers with existing murphy frames looking for a mattress.

So If you’re looking to order a mattress for that existing murphy bed, or maybe you’re just curious about the mattress options available to you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or interests at (866) 725-6401.

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