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Wilding Wallbeds SUBHA Luncheon

Wilding Wallbeds was proud to sponsor Southern Utah Home Builders Association luncheon

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The Wilding Wallbed team was a proud sponsor of the Southern Utah Home Builders Association general membership luncheon in St. George Utah at the Hilton Garden Inn. Not surprisingly, the house was packed. Dan Wilding was quoted as saying "It's the biggest crowd I have ever seen at a SUBHA luncheon." Dan was able to speak at the event and talked about some of the exciting products Wilding Wallbeds has been producing. The emphasis was on some of the great products that are geared toward, and of specific value to the building community. He went on to introduce the SUHBA members to a few of the members of the Wilding Wallbeds team. Penny Jensen who manages the showroom sales team in St. George, and Jeremy Andra, the director of business development. Mr. Andra is working to bring these collaborative programs forward in a new effort to network and innovate with the builders in the SUHBA community. Dan was also able to share the Wildings Wallbeds Quality Video with the luncheon that was met with loud applause.

The purpose of the SUHBA luncheons is to help strengthen the networking ties between the local businesses of Southern Utah and the surrounding areas. With a full room of members in attendance, SUHBA events are primarily educational with speakers from various fields bringing their expertise to inform and instruct businesses. The guest speaker of Tuesday's luncheon was Jeriah Threllfall, the Executive Director of St. George area Economic Development.

Wilding's sponsorship of the luncheon was part of a greater outreach effort to the builders and developers of the area. To let them know that Wilding Wallbeds is available and interested in working with them on a larger scale. Jeremy Andra, Director of Business Development for Wilding Wallbeds was quoted as saying "In the past, Wilding Wallbeds rarely worked directly with builders and instead focused on direct sales with the customer. Much of this was due to the fact that in the early years Wilding Wallbed did not have the infrastructure to take on the scope of these projects. With our current state of the art production facility, we now have that infrastructure and we have a strong desire to do more projects with these builders." This message was echoed in Dan Wilding's speech to the members at the luncheon. He spoke directly of Wilding Wallbeds reputation as an innovator of the Wallbed industry. Noting the ability of Wilding Wallbeds to take on diverse roles of design that could be helpful in overcoming obstacles that might hamstring builders, designers, and developers. Jeremy went on to say, "Perhaps we can let the community know that we can work with their builders on projects for new builds, rather than just being a piece of furniture that is purchased after the build is complete. Opening Wildings door and promoting a wide variety of potential future projects that push beyond the residential. Into projects involving commercial such as for hotels, firehouses, clinics and more.”

SUBHA flyer

(Example of flyer information given to members at the SUHBA luncheon on February 7th)

So How’d it go?

The energy level at the luncheon was strong with many local builders, suppliers, and services represented. The Wallbed that was displayed at the event that was a huge hit, with many people getting an opportunity to see one of the Wildings Wallbeds in full action for the first time. The Remington Wallbed was displayed just outside the banquet hall to the side of one of the main thoroughfares offering an exciting pit stop for members coming and going from the luncheon. The conversations and interest levels elevated as more and more SUHAB members arrived. Penny Jensen, all of 5 feet tall, could be seen operating the beautiful Remington Wallbed with perfect ease, to the interest of many onlookers. The queen-sized Remington Wallbed is one of Wildings most popular models. It was displayed with a pair of deluxe three drawer side cabinets that sat to either side of the bed, finished in Wildings popular Burnt Sugar finish. It definitely made an impression.

At the close of the luncheon, the Wilding Wallbeds team was very optimistic about the whole experience. Since the luncheon Dan Wilding reflected on the positive experience, "We had a big crowd around the Wallbed display. We also showed the quality video. People loved it and applauded when it finished. We invited all to come and see us at the showroom...We've had several come in to see us since."

A big, big thank you!

Thank you

Wilding Wallbed was excited and proud to be the sponsor for the Southern Utah Home Builders Association luncheon. The Wilding Wallbeds team wanted to give a big thank you to all of the SUHBA friends that came out and participated. Wilding was extremely excited to be able to share a little about what they do to serve Southern Utah and the surrounding areas and to offer prospective collaborations with the builders and designers there. Wilding Wallbed looks forward to working with and building strong ties with many of the SUHBA members. If you are a builder, designer, developer or other similar trade and would like to know more about how Wilding Wallbeds can work with your business. Give them a call at (435) 574-2510 or swing by the St. George Showroom and talk with them face to face. Or you can always check them out on the web at

A little bit about SUHBA

For anyone who isn't familiar with the Southern Utah Home Builders Association is a trade association representing the building industry businesses throughout Washington, Kane and San Juan Counties of Southern Utah. They bring together a large cross-section of builders, suppliers, educators, marketers, etc. in order to promote a higher standard of service to our awesome local communities [1]. They've been an anchor in the building community here for many decades and the beautiful growth of Southern Utah owes a lot to them and their associates. If you get a chance, check out their up and coming 2017 Southern Utah Parade of Homes. 27 years and going strong.

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