Posted by Jeremy on February 8th, 2017

2017 Utah Sleep Society Conference

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Wilding Wallbeds is keeping up with the latest issues and trends in Sleep Medicine. Wilding's director of business development, Mr. Jeremy Andra, will be attending the 7th Annual Utah Sleep Society Conference in Murray, Utah on February 24 at the Intermountain Medical Center. This educational activity will discuss current issues and trends in sleep medicine and how to better prepare for future changes as well as better serve our patients. This training will identify recent technologies that are impacting sleep medicine and how they can implement those new technologies to improve patient outcomes and discuss new ideas with other sleep professionals that will enable them to give the best patient care possible while being fiscally responsible in their practice. [1]

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Jeremy Andra

  1. "7th Annual Utah Sleep Society Conference". Intermountain Physician. Retrieved 8 February 2017.
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