Murphy Bed or Wall Bed, Which one is better?

I’ve heard the term Murphy Bed and I’ve also heard the term Wall Bed. What are the differences and which one is better for me?

The First Murphy Bed

Early San Fransisco Early Murphy Bed Early Murphy Bed

It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention, and that is certainly the case with the development ...

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The Importance of Eco Friendly Furniture


Our homes are such an incredible staple of our ever-changing lives. Homes have always afforded us shelter, but modern homes go so much further than just the four walls and roof of our forebearers. Wilding Wallbeds knows that our modern home is our sanctuary, office, shop and, maybe even a ...

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Quality Murphy Beds


Quality is not an act, it is a habit.

Henry Ford

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.
-Henry Ford

Quality Defined

Two brilliant men of history, separated by over 2000 years, are quoted saying essentially the same thing. There is something fundamental about quality that needs to ...

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Will it hold it? Hot Tub vs. Wallbed

Hot Tub on top of Wilding Wallbed

Wilding Wallbeds is proud to present the much anticipated follow up video to our “Will it Hold it” campaign. Our debut video of Volkswagen Jetta vs Wallbed was impressive and had us coming out of the gates strong. We were both nervous and excited to look to our fan base ...

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The Fascinating Discoveries Of Beds In History

The Fascinating Discoveries Of Beds In History As modern day people, we probably take for granted the history of beds. We spend much of our time in these inventions! We sleep in them, we tuck our children into them every night, we watch TV while in bed, we study and ...

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